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iPhone 15 is Coming

By Kaka on August 31, 2023

iPhone 15 Release Date, Apple 15 Pro Launch Date & Time, Price, Features, Specs

Apple iPhone 15 series is launching next month and now the company has officially confirmed the launch event that is going to happen on September 12. Apple is expected to go full monty at the event next month, where not only we will see new iPhones with new features but also other Apple products that are usually part of the launch lineup.

Apple will be hosting the event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, California on Monday, September 12 and the live stream of the event will start with Apple CEO Tim Cook hosting the keynote from 10:30 PM IST onwards. Apple will make its live stream available on the Apple Events page on its website and you can also head over to the Apple YouTube page to watch the event across different platforms.

iPhone 15 & 15 Pro Specs

lFollowing Points will describe the iPhone 15 Specs in detail for the readers.

lFirst of all, this phone will be available in three models known as iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

lVarious Storage Options such as 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB will be available in iPhone 15.

lBasic Screen Size of iPhone 15 will be 6.8 Inches which will be larger for Pro and pro max versions as per iPhone 15 Specifications.

lIt is to inform you that the Battery Size will also be larger as compared to previous editions.

lC-Type Connectivity Port will be available in iPhone 15 as per new European and International Rules.

lMoreover, various RAM Options will be available for you which you can select while purchasing the Phone.

lIt is confirmed now that the Apple Launch Event will be conducted on 12 September 2023 and then iPhone 15 will be launched.

Apple iPhone 15 Price Model & Storage Wise


128 GB Model

256 GB Model

512 GB Model

1 TB Model

iPhone 15





iPhone 15 Pro





iPhone 15 Pro Max





iPhone 15 Pre Booking

It is to inform you that the iPhone 15 Pre Booking will start on the same day of the event when iPhone 15 is launched. In order to complete the Pre-Booking, all of you have to visit the nearest Apple Store, submit your request and then pay the booking advance to complete the process. Moreover, once the pre-booking is complete, you will get your hands on the iPhone 15 on the same day of announcement. It is to inform you that an event will be conducted on 12 September 2023 after which the newly launched iPhone 15 will be available in the market. Moreover, you should know that availability depends on country to country so make sure you pre-book it in advance to get the phone from 1st Lot of the iPhone 15. You should know that iPhone 15 Pre Booking can also be done on the official website of the Apple Company and then you will get priority in the iPhone Waiting List.

iPhone 15 Pro Features

lThe iPhone 15 Pro Features are described in the points laid below and by reading it you can get to know about the latest developments.

lAs per rumours, iPhone 15 will feature the C-Type Connectivity Port which will be very helpful.

lSecondly, Battery Size will also be increased by Apple due to complaints received by the users of iPhone 14.

lMoreover, Tri-Setup Camera Options will be available in the Iphone 15 with 48 Megapixel Sensors.

lDynamic Island will be seen in iPhone 15 Base Model and it will enhance the look of the phone.

lApart from this, Water Resistant and Waterproof Feature will also be added in the iPhone 15.

Apple iPhone 15 Launch Event Date & Time


iPhone 15 Launch Event Date

Event Timings


12th September 2023

5:00 PM EDT

United Kingdom

12th September 2023

10:00 PM BST


13th September 2023

2:30 AM IST


13th September 2023

1:00 AM GST


13th September 2023

11:00 PM CET


13th September 2023

5:00 PM EDT


13th September 2023

5:00 AM CST


13th September 2023

7:00 AM ACT

iPhone 15 Pro Rumours

As per iPhone 15 Pro Rumours, it will feature the C Type Connectivity Port as per new rules. Moreover, Battery Size will be increased with optimised usage and fast charging. Secondly, Dynamic Island will be prevailing in all the models of iPhone 15 and Camera Size will be increased. Moreover, it will feature the 48 MP Round Tri-Setup Camera in the Back and Front Camera will feature the 12 MP Lens. Previous Features such as Facial Recognition will be improved and users will be satisfied with the new experience. Apart from this, you will also see the metallic body, round edges and other sharp features which will make it outstanding.

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